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Cat Ba archipelago consists of 367 islands that populations including Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay in the south. Cat Ba Island, also known as Jade Island, the largest island of the 1,969 islands of Halong Bay island populations.

Cat Ba is where the blend between forest and sea, creating a unique landscape.Come to this beautiful island, visitors not only be bathed under green beaches but also explore the mysterious nature through primeval forests on the island. Cat Ba National Forest 15,200 hectares wide with tropical primeval forests with system wide 570 hectares rich flora and fauna, characterized by whiteheads and Tree langur Kim Giao.

Cat Ba Island is a giant green carpet contains many mysteries, compelling. Cat Ba deserves a 3rd biosphere reserve Vietnam, is now recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the world. Total area of Cat Ba biosphere reserve measuring over 26,000 hectares, with 2 core zone (strict conservation and no human impact), 2 buffers (allowing economic growth combined with limited, conservation) and 2 transitional areas (economic development). Biosphere Reserve Cat Ba is a full convergence area of tropical rainforest on the island of limestone, mangroves, coral reefs, seaweed and particularly carpet cave system. Cat Ba di Cai Beo also of Halong culture, population already living ago 6475 – 4200 year.

With charm endowed by nature, the biodiversity and the tremendous value in terms of national history, Cat Ba has and will become an attractive destination for local and foreign tourists.